Vandals target solar-powered street lights

NAIVASHA, KENYA: Over 80 per cent of street lights installed in Naivasha have been vandalised.

The situation has been worsened by the county government’s failure to pay pending bills for some of the lights.

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As a result, major streets have been plunged into darkness. Most affected by the vandalisation are solar-powered lights as vandals target the solar panels behind them.

In Viwandani estate, none of the solar lights is working while in the neighbouring Lake View ward, only two lights are in use. MCAs from the affected wards are now blaming poor workmanship that has cost the county millions of shillings.

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According to Lake View MCA Simon Wanyoike, the vandalism began soon after the solar lights were installed. He blamed the vandalism on a well-organised cartel.

Viwandani MCA Eunice Mureithi admitted that none of the solar-powered security lights strategically placed near homes or government facilities in her ward was working.

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