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Renowned political analyst and scholar, Makau Mutua,  has questioned the results being released  by IEBC.

According to Mutua, there’s a plot by IEBC to rig Raila Odinga by  cooking figures.

He claims that IEBC computers are on automatic synchronization.

How is this MATHEMATICALLY possible? The IEBC computer is on AUTOMATIC synchronization. He ranted on  twitter.

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Earlier on, Raila had rejected the results being released by IEBC and termed them as fake.

“These results are wrong…they have a formula factored in…we have evidence to show that the first 377 polling stations showed me(Raila) leading. These were not shown in the national tallying centre.” He said.


Makau posted a sample of results being released by the electoral body  and said that IEBC computers are on automatic synchronization.

He claimed that this is a plan to rig Raila.

This is what he posted and some of the  comments  from his followers.

Doesn’t make sense at all…this means that either a logarithmic numbers are added or whoever is adding them doesnt realize poor math skills

-This is not adding up for sure, we will meet at the Supreme court

– FORM 34A will shed more light! If anything is different in that form from what was declared, it will be a night mareike he is losing again. Calm down, let the tally continue.

-Mr  Know it all,did you know that 1,200,000 out of 12,000,000 in percentage is 0.1%? Ask statisticians. Numbers don’t lie.

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  1. Very logical and Uhuru should step down immediately as he is the one who has the ultimate responsibility. Whe the results are dropping in and the difference is CONSTANTLY between 10 and 11%, even a toddler can figure something aint right. The thing is that the software that was implemented effected other results as well…….many Jubilee candidates got 54% which is statistically impossible.

    The fact that the IEBC, which is supposed to be independent does not allow others to investigate this matter can only mean that some people do have a large interest in hidding the truth. As if they were able to accept the truth then what logical reason could be there to justify their behaviour?

  2. Comment: ‘ and it came to pass ‘ how many times have we read this biblically. cheer on ‘ a time for everything ‘ remember the preacher……..


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