Uhuru in shock as Mt Kenya Leaders Demand He Talks to Raila to Save Country

Media Address From Norfolk Hotel By Caucus of Leaders Supporting Uhuru Kenyatta | SHARE WIDELY

1. William Kabogo:

“We are so much concerned about the current state of affairs in this country. It is time Uhuru and Raila sit down and resolve the current political impasse that may plunge out country into chaos. It is only dialogue that will save us and not chest thumping.”

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2. Martha Karua;

“One of them should have the courage to pick up the phone and call the other. That is the only way this country will go into the election on 26th and come out united thereafter.

3. Kilemi Mwiria:

“These are the sons of the founding President and Vice President and they have been President and Prime Minister in this country. If war flares up, they all enjoy state security and you wont reach them. Let demonstrations stop, electoral amendment law stop and IEBC should have public interest at heart. If postponing the election will save this country, them let it be.”

“If you remember last year August during the commemoration of Jomo Kenyatta’s death, Uhuru and Raila told the country that they are not enemies and political competition should not degenerate into enmity. They said that when things get hot they normally call each other. Let them do it now and be seen together in the public. Our country will heal.

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5. Kabando Wa Kabando:

“The problem even with my jubilee side is underestimating the withdrawal of Raila Odinga. This is a man who enjoys fanatical following in this country and if you are not careful, he will delegitimize this election. Don’t pretend you don’t know who Raila is. If we go to this election without dialogue, 26th is the day that this country may break apart.”

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