[TRENDING VIDEO] American man goes looking for Ugali in US

When people say when you go Kenyan you can’t go back, boy was they right. Just ask Justin Bradford of Portland Oregon a huge fan of Ugali.

The American was not in the mood for any other food on this day other than Ugali. His appetite for the day was fueled by Ugali, Sukuma wiki, and Nyama.However, Justin, however, was lacking one thing. Ugali!. He did not have unga and he had to go get it.He just had to document his search for this essential Ugali ingredient.

Here is Justin’s video. It made my day…it might just make yours.

Making UGALI in America (Portland, OR) | Kenyamerican

UGALI is hard to come by in the USA. You have to search it out. I had been missing it so much that I had to find some. We even got some Tropical Heat, made in KENYA! Lakini sitaikula kwa hii video. Nitangoja kupei rafiki yangu!

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