Two women seek Alego Usonga seat in male dominated race

Alego Usonga Constituency in Siaya County is likely to have a woman MP for the first time should voters elect one of the only two women in the male dominated race.

Both women say they are confident of unseating incumbent George Omondi Muluan to make history in the constituency and join the few female colleagues from Nyanza region trying confident of unseating incumbent George Omondi Muluan to make history in the constituency and join the few female colleagues from Nyanza regto make a mark in parliamentary politics that has been dominated by male politicians.

Mrs Rosemary Ogutu a nominated Siaya MCA (Ford Kenya) and Mrs Macillista Oudia of Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) will face off with Samuel Atandi (ODM), Odunga Mamba (independent) and incumbent MP, Mr Muluan, who is also an independent candidate, in the August 8 general election.


The women are the second lot to contest for the MP seat in Siaya County after the late Mrs Grace Ogot who in 1984 contested and won the Gem parliamentary seat and served in the Cabinet of former President Daniel Moi.

Other women seeking to be elected are Dr Christine Ombaka (ODM), Mrs Violet Omwamba (Jubilee) and Mrs Florence Aluodo (independent), all eying the Siaya woman rep seat.

Mrs Ogutu and Mrs Oudia and their three male rivals are battling to catch the support of the more than 100,000 registered voters.

According to the IEBC, Alego Usonga is the largest of the six constituencies in Siaya County.


The women have exuded confidence of winning the seat but they will have to deal with issues of clannism, gender and economic empowerment which are expected to continue popping up during the campaigns.

While the male candidates will reach to their clansmen for support and for votes, the women will bank their hopes on womenfolk and youth who are the majority.

Alego Usonga Constituency has a number of clans including the populous Kakan clan, Mr Muluan’s Karouth clan, the Kaluo, Kanyinek, Kalkada, Kager the least Karapul, amongst others.

The women did not participate in the ODM nominations that were conducted on April 26.


Mrs Ogutu has vowed to put up a spirited fight against the incumbent Mr Muluan and the other candidates in the race as a way of making the presence of Ford Kenya, which is a Nasa affiliated party, felt in the region.

She has dismissed critics who say that no woman is capable of leading the constituency, insisting that she will make history by becoming the first woman MP for Alego Usonga.

Mrs Ogutu asked women and youth, who are the majority, to support her candidature as it revolves around issues of women and youth empowerment.

“I will make education and women and youth empowerment a priority. This is by ensuring all needy students are in school as well as ensuring that all women and youth have a steady financial sources thus reducing overdependence on politicians’ handouts,” said Mrs Ogutu.

The other woman candidate, Mrs Oudia, says that political violence has kept majority of women out of elective positions and they have resorted to waiting to be nominated.

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