To Fuel Debate On Seccesion Here Are Geographical Facts You Should Know

By Anwar Sadat

SOME GEOGRAPHICAL FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW. In Africa, Nyanza Province with a area of 12,477 square kilometers is bigger than Seychelles (455, Sao Tome and Principe (1,001 sq. Km) Mauritius (2040 sq. Km) Comoros (2,235 sq km) Cape Verde (4,033 sq km) and The Gambia (11,295 sq. Km)?

And in the whole world, Nyanza is bigger than 40 countries immediately following the island of Vanuatu (12,189 sq. Km) in the hierachy of countries according to their sizes.

Nyanza Province is bigger than Jamaica, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore and Lebanon among many others.

Coast Province with a area of 79,686 square kilometers is almost 4 times bigger than Israel (20,770 sq km) and roughly equivalent to Czech Republic (78,865 sq km)

Eastern Province with a area of 140,699 sq km is almost equivalent to Tajikistan (143,100).

Western Province (7,400sq km) is the smallest!

So if the NASA strong holds of the former provinces of Nyanza, Coast, Eastern and Western can secede and form one Republic, then we can have a Nation with a total area of 240,262 square kilometers and that is roughly the size of The Great Britain (242,495 sq km) or Uganda (241,550 sq km) or Ghana (238,537 sq km) or Guinea (245, 857 sq km.) That country would be the 80th biggest in the world.

Imagine having our own NASA Great Britain minus Jubilee, minus Uhuru and minus Ruto?


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