“Those Celebrating Extra Judicial Killings, Police Brutality In Luo Nyanza, Think!”- Hon Githu


By Joseph Githu

A demonstrator in Nairobi drinks a 20 bob soda and eats some oranges in the course of his agitation and we all wake up from our political slumber… Matiangi discovers some imaginary powers and Nairobians start baying for his blood.

But wait a minute, in this country 180 million shillings belonging to the youth fund was paid to a company belonging to a dead man and the remaining 155 million could not be accounted for and you all went about your business like nothing happenned.

We still have mobile clinics at Miritini in one of the worst scandals of the Jubilee administration involving even the “marginalised” women who are politically correct.

GDC has spent close to 100 billion and up to now has not delivered a single Megawatt to the grid.

We spent double the amount Tanzania is spending to get an electric train for a diesel powered praying mantis ..the shape alone looks like a curse.

Nobody has ever explained Eurobond… when we asked we were referred to our local chiefs.

Kabura came to our TV rooms and told us how she carried 52 million in gunny bags in one of the worst scandals that looted a minimum of 4 billion shillings from NYS.

Need I say more… now you are asking police to shoot someone for taking a 20 Bob soda but you are asking the economic crime thugs to bring the stolen cash to your churches.

Whatever happened to the poor people

Ng’ombe ici

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