Tag a Luo traitor that supports the killing of fellow Luos by Jubilee administration?


By The Banana Pedlar
I, the Kisii Banana Peddler, the reason why I esteem my friend Robert Alai is, he is among the few Luos that support Jubilee, when his fellow brothers and sisters are butchered by the regime, he does not pretend like others do. He comes out openly, trenchantly condemning it.

Alai says although I support Jubilee, I can’t stomach it when I see my people being killed like cockroaches. On the other hand, there are those like my friend who sold their souls to the devil.

Instead of condemning the enemy for the homicidal activities metted on their people, they back them up. One question that engrosses myself is, when Kikuyus ridicule and mock Luos these people cheer. “Does this cheeriness come from the bottom of their hearts or it is a matter of building stomach infrastracture first?

If you know a Luo who exudes the above charcterlessness traits, tag him here. If you know a Luo that has sold his soul to the enemy, paste this article on his social media wall.

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