Suspects try to burn Uganda MP’s family over presidential Age Limit Bill


Two legislators who have been pushing for the scrapping of the presidential age limit were attacked in Uganda this and last week.

An MP’s family was almost burnt in their house, while in the second incident a mob almost lynched another MP.


Suspected arsonists attempted to set ablaze the home of Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga in Anyafiyo Village, Arua Town, on Saturday night.

The suspects allegedly took advantage of the downpour in the night to cut a wire mesh at the window and tried to push a five-litre jerrican of petrol inside the house.

At the time, the family was asleep, the MP’s wife Aminah Sijali told the Daily Monitor.

“The attackers first cut the wire mesh and attempted to push the petrol into the sitting room but when we realised it, the attackers took off. Good enough the stick failed to get lit because it was wet,” she said.

“I was already sleeping with my five children when my sister-in-law called me asking whether I was the one opening the door, but when I checked, I found part of the wire mesh was already cut and the people had fled.”


Mr Abiriga has been at the forefront in the push for lifting of the presidential age limit caps.

The MP, who was in Kampala at the time of the incident, said he is not worried as he has no grudge against anyone.

Two police officers have been deployed to guard the home. Detectives have opened a file of attempted arson as investigations continue.

Prior to the incident, unknown people allegedly removed tyres of a vehicle parked in the compound.


Meanwhile, police have beefed up the security of Amolatar District woman MP after an angry mob reportedly attempted to lynch her for promoting the removal of the Presidential age limit removal.

Celebrations to mark Uganda’s 55th Independence anniversary in Amolatar on October 9 turned chaotic after residents grabbed a microphone from Doreen Amule.

Ms Amule was identified as one of those championing Presidential age limit from the constitution to allow President Museveni to run in 2021.

North Kyoga regional police spokesman David Ongom said following the incident, Ms Amule has received two additional police escorts.

“We have given her two more police officers in addition to the two she previously had. Just like any VIP she is entitled to be provided with police escort. This is normal given the fact that she is among those advocating for the controversial constitutional amendment for the removal of age limit,” Mr Ongom said.


The police spokesperson said during the Independence Day celebrations held at the Boma Grounds in Amolatar Town Council, the crowd became chaotic when some politicians started inciting locals against the legislator.

“According to reports, I have got from the DPC of Amolatar, the celebrations at Amolatar Boma Grounds were going on normally until the LC5 vice chairperson, Mr Geoffrey Ocen, in his speech, warned MPs hailing from the district against lifting the age limit,” Mr Ongom said.

Whereas the statement was greeted with cheers from the crowd, it did not please MP Amule who was in attendance.

She reportedly rose up and took the podium, asking why Pope Francis is still leading the Catholic Church yet he is over 80 years old.

“President Museveni should also be given an opportunity to lead the country,” Ms Amule said.

However, this evoked jeers and boos from the crowd with some angry residents dashing to the podium and grabbing the microphone from her.


The police spokesman for North Kyoga said police who were deployed to keep security at the venue responded in time and calmed the situation and the celebrations continued.

When contacted, Ms Amule said she does not know what transpired.

“I don’t know what happened. I’m still here in Amolatar enjoying my meat.”

The legislator declined to comment on security personnel deployed at her home.

“I may not be able to discuss everything on phone. Why don’t you travel to Amolatar and see for yourself? I don’t know what is wrong with the media,” she said.

The proposal for the controversial presidential age limit amendment Bill was recently tabled in Parliament by Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi.

The Bill proposes allowing Ugandans above 75 and below 35 years to run for President.

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