State says it requested vehicles for election security

The government has said it requested additional vehicles from ministries to help in security operations during the repeat presidential poll set for October 26.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs, which is coordinating the exercise, said the four-wheel cars were not meant for use in the Jubilee presidential campaigns.

The ministry confirmed that the government was in the process of mobilising vehicles, but noted that the purpose is to have a fleet of vehicles available for use in security operations during the repeat presidential election on Thursday next week.

“As you are aware, there are  close to 50,000 polling stations and each polling station requires security coverage.”


“The National Police Service does not have enough vehicles to mobilise and transport security officers to all the polling stations in the country,” the ministry said in a statement signed by its spokesman Mwenda Njoka.

On Wednesday, the Nation reported that the government has mobilised official four-wheel vehicles from all ministries to be used in the final days of President Uhuru Kenyatta campaigns and on election day.

Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua in the memo to all the principal secretaries ordered every ministry to release one vehicle each — preferably Prado — to the Jubilee campaign to mobilise voters to various rallies across the country.

Mr Kinyua, in the confidential memo marked “urgent”, directs all PSs to hand over the vehicles to the Interior PS Karanja Kibicho for deployment.


However, Mr Njoka said there was a memo from the Head of Public Service, directing ministries to release one vehicle each to the Ministry of Interior, but clarified there was absolutely no mention of the vehicles being delivered to the Jubilee campaign as the story claimed.

The ministry further notes that when need arises, the government mobilises resources from other departments to meet the shortfall and cited events that forces the State to mobilise vehicles, for instance,  during the August 8 general elections.

“The Head of Public Service is aware of the law governing use of state resources and he would be the last person to direct that government vehicles be used for political campaigns.”

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