Souls in Lake Nakuru rest in the cold for the second night.

The “RIP conformists” will tell you how the dead should not be attacked or condescendingly spoken about, apparently because they cannot defend themselves.

Bloggers allied to the ruling party, Jubilee, are said to have been among the five occupants who perished in the Lake Nakuru copter crash on Saturday morning.

They were, until their death, online keyboard warriors with a sole mandate of defending all that makes the corrupt and inhuman Jubilee government. They did it so well, you would think they are actually immortals.

However, after the unfortunate incident, it emerged that the same government they vehemently defended, and flew to all heights to conceal its ills forgot about them, right after the news of their crash sadly.

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The same government whose image they painted a rossy picture of in life, took the whole day on 21 October, before sending a rescue team to the site of their helicopter crash.

The search had to be stopped at some point, due to low light occasioned by the inevitable sunset. Day one ended without any major accomplishments to announce, they were left to spend in the cold.

In the national prayers held at the Afraha Stadium in Nakuru today, the party’s top brass did not even spare a minute for their ‘gallant’ soldiers, that’s how useless you are after accomplishing your mission in life, working for a selfish power-hungry oligarch.

Until this afternoon, Sunday, October 22, the bodies of the bloggers whose ferocious words would hurt anyone opposing the Jubilee party’s success had not been recovered, they will spend a second night submerged under the cold lake Nakuru.

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What happened to disaster preparedness and management by a government that siphoned billions out of the consolidated fund, in the name of securing the nation?

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