Somalis in Nairobi donate blood, food for Mogadishu bomb attack survivors

The Somali community in Nairobi and the Ministry of Health in Nairobi on Tuesday mobilised blood, medicine and food donations for the survivors of the Sunday Mogadishu bomb attack in Somalia.

In a show of solidarity, hundreds were already lining up at Eastleigh estate to donate blood.


Mr Ahmed Mohamed, one of those who mobilised the community, said that by the end of the day they hoped to raise 400 pints of blood.

More than 276 people were killed in the attack that left more than 300 in dire need of medicine, food and other supplies.

“We have been deeply hurt because these are our brothers and sisters. This was sudden and the idea to help them out is a noble gesture and we are sending our condolences to the families of the bereaved,” said Mr Mohamed.

Mr Douglas Kiforo from BloodLink said the Ministry of Health asked for help on Monday evening and they agreed to help.


“The blood that has been donated here will have to undergo screening and we hope it will be airlifted to Somalia by Friday,” he said.

The presence of Al-Shabaab militants, whose base of operations is in Somalia, has compromised security in the East African Region, with , Uganda and Somalia suffering attacks.

“In most cases, people have pointed to Somalia as the cause of this problem. But now our own people have been hurt and it is good that we come together to support the injured and collectively fight terrorism,” said Mrs Fardowsa Jama, one of the mobilisers of the Nairobi community.

Massive truck bomb Mogadishu killed at least 276 people and left 300 injured.

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