“Somali Community In Mombasa Will Join Rest Of Kenyans In Anti-IEBC Demos” -Hon Noor

By Noor Abdirashid

My attention has been drawn to a group of political nobody’s in the payroll of jubilee claiming to represent somali business community in mombasa and are opposing the third liberation in Mombasa.

I wish to confirm THAT the said group are “Somali businessmen” just like their counterparts the outlawed group ” Nairobi business community” And the only thing they own in mombasa are the jubilee Tshirts distributed for free by Hassan sarai and CO.

That, WE the real somali businessmen are already counting our loses since jubilee took office and would go any route possible to have them out of office.

That as I write this the somali business community and their leadership are at mama Ngina drive to join forces with his highness the sultan and other leaders of the vuguvugu la tatu here in Mombasa.

I urge members of the public to ignore the jubilee agents seeking attention and the gutter presses selling fake news to please their masters.

The demonstrations shall continue until BABA order us to stop.

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