Senator Gideon Moi calls for more mixed schools

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi receives a present from Moi High School-Kabarak students during the 13th prize and thanksgiving ceremony at the school yesterday. [PHOTO:KIPSANG JOSEPH]

Mixed-sex schools have great potential in development of a student, Baringo County Senator Gideon Moi has said.

Speaking during a thanksgiving ceremony at Moi High School-Kabarak, Gideon pointed out that though single-sex are the preferred option, mixed schools have a greater potential of producing all-rounded students.

Citing the example of Moi High School-Kabarak, which takes in boys and girls, Gideon said mixed schools can produce students who perform exemplary well in academics and have great social skills.

Exemplary performers

‚ÄúThe myth that single sex¬†school¬†perform better is just a belief. The best way of empowering young minds at¬†school¬†level is by exposing them to a holistic environment,‚Ä̬†said¬†Gideon.

The Baringo Senator noted that mixed schools like Kabarak provide equal opportunities to both genders.

He lauded the school for being an academic giant and providing equal opportunities for both sexes.

‚ÄúThe¬†school¬†hosts both boys and girls who benefit from equal resources and therefore¬†has¬†emerged an academic giant over the years debunking the myth that single-sex¬†schools¬†perform better,‚ÄĚ he¬†said.

Proponents of mixed sex schools say putting boys and girls to learn together prepares them for realities they will face in the outside world. It also broadens their world view.

While awarding exemplary¬†students, he applauded the¬†school¬†for attaining remarkable results despite the strict grading measures employed by Kenya National Examinations Council. ‚ÄúI wish to congratulate the 2016 class for the excellent results despite challenges experienced during the examination and analysis of results which up to now¬†have¬†not been addressed by Kenya National Examination Council and the Ministry of Education,‚ÄĚ he¬†said.

Former President Daniel Arap Moi who is also the founder and patron of the school congratulated the school for its consistency in posting good results.

‚ÄúAs a co-educational learning institution, the institution¬†has¬†continuously produced men and women who are assets to Kenya and the world at large,‚Ä̬†Moi¬†said.

The former Head of State challenged youth on responsible social media use.

‚ÄúThe mass and social media continue without let-up, to assail the moral and spiritual foundations of our youth and they should be careful,‚Ä̬†said¬†Moi.

Kabarak University Vice Chancellor Dr Henry Kiplagat said Moi High School-Kabarak has over the years produced some of the best brains not only in Kenya but beyond.

The top two students, Kalya Kimurgor who had 82 points and Sang Kipkemoi Victor who posted 81 points were awarded scholarships at Strathmore University.

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