Senator accuses MPs of ignoring the disabled

Legislators have a tendency of ignoring Bills meant to improve lives of persons with disability in the country, a senator said on Saturday.

Nominated Senator, Godliver Omondi, who represents the disabled, claimed that many legislators were disinterested in participating in debates on such Bills and usually walk out when they are presented on the floor of the House to be passed into law.

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“Only a few legislators support disabilities issues. You table a good Bill that seeks to improve lives of people with disabilities but when it comes to voting, they walk out.

“Many only act after they are affected. We don’t want to wait until we are affected so that we start championing for the disability issues,” she said.

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Ms Omondi also complained over rise in cases of sexual offences against disabled women and called for a special unit to be created to deal with the cases.

She said many cases were perpetrated by relatives and those taking care of the disabled.

“Many disabled girls are either locked in the house or tied under a tree which exposes them to rape and defilement. If women without disabilities are raped, and they can run or fight back, what do you think will happen to the disabled?” posed Ms Omondi.

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The Senator said disabled women suffer a lot of trauma and stigma.

Advantage Africa helps fight for the rights of people living with disabilities to end violations.

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