NASA MP Hon Osoro Saves Njoroge Amid ‘Luo’ Killings. AMAZING Must Read Story


On Thursday last week,after finishing our bunge evening session,I decided to go to Nyeri for my personal business visit which was scheduled for 6am on

I decided to go spend my night usual,on my personal trips,I dont carry along my bodyguard neither do I allow anyone to drive me..I do it team equally have a life and ought to have some,I left Nrb on or about 8pm,passed by my house and picked a bag and off I was,right behind the wheels alone..

As obvious,am a fast driver and therefore the estimated arrival time was 9.45pm..however,things werent as expected,it was heavily raining from Thika all the way to one ought to drive cautiously and carefully..

I arrived Karatina at around 9.30pm and decided to do my dinner there quietly..I set off for Nyeri at around 11pm..

now,this is the story..on arrival at that ka-shopping center junction that heads to Nanyuki-Nyeri,some guy,driving some small light car-Fielder overtook my ‘heavyweight’ with a speed of a tiger just past that ka-town on the hilly highway.

.within a blink of an eye,the guy rolled right ahead of me,had his car face downwards as it rolled pushing me to swerve besides the road,the guy hit some hilly wall to manage a stop..WAH!!I held my breath,parked my car and rushed there to save the occupants..

it was DARK DARK and still raining..luckily,I always carry torches in my car..

the guy had been trapped inside,thrown from the seat to the booth since he never fastened his belt,blood was flowing down but lucky he was still talking and shouting in Kikuyu dialect..”de haha,taithia pris”..

I traced,traced till I got him at the booth..the voice had started being mild though..broke the window through my means..

pulled him inside the car by breaking all windows..I couldnt find anyone but got some phones just besides the car..the guy was “double” my weight..he had become weak so had to be pulled…

blood was flowing from the neck like a tap..I removed my half-sweater,tried to cover it and placed him at the back seat of my car of course after struggling…

I rushed him to Mathari hospital(coz nurses in public hospitals are on strike)paid some money for admission..had him done those medical stuff as he was admitted..picked cards from his wallet and made severall calls till I got one relative who came over at 2am..I left every step to him as i bid him farewell with joy that I saved a life….

I DID NOT look at his name to help him..we are all Kenyans…we should love one another..the guy is recovering by the day..his people are appreciative but still NONE of his people kniw that I am an MP who is actually affiliated to NASA…

dont celebrate one’s misfortune coz of political differences…WE ARE ALL KENYANS….STOP ETHNIC CLEANSING…

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