Sakaja shows his true colours, rejects phone calls from friends “now idiots” that helped him win


By Makas Machiavelli
During elections, Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja was one of the humblest gentlemen in the City.

The meekness he carried himself with during elections, made every Nairobian believe he is the best man for the job of Senator.

During the campaigns, Sakaja, then a nominated MP, was attacked left right and centre especially on his ethnicity.

All sorts of oral stones were directed at him. Fake Kalenjin ethnical ties were associated with him especially by some people from Team Edwin Sifuna in NASA .

During this entire time, there are those friends across the political divide who stood by him. They defended him all over, some in the media and others by verbal engagement with the electorate.

At that time, it was incumbent upon him to convince members of the Luhyia community that he is one of them. His friends successfully helped him rebrand.

At the time, they helped him move from one media house to another. He gave Nairobians his mobile phone number and asked them to call him any time. If anyone called, Sakaja picked unhesitatinly.

Regrettably, things changed immediatelly the gentleman crossed the bridge.

Those same friends that Sakaja used as a stepping stone cannot reach him especially on phone.

They are crying foul. The humble person they saw in Sakaja is nowhere to be seen. The man they got in touch any moment, is nowhere to be found. They only see his image on national TV and newspapers.

Others claim he deleted their numbers. They say when you call him, he has subscribed to some Luhyia dialect Skiza tune that entertains you for some second before you are diverted to some number where there is no response at all. Whatever that means.

They vow to revisit the year 2022 and teach him a lifetime lesson. They say they thought he would make a good governor in future but has proved otherwise.

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