Research shows 200 boys sexually abused daily

Over 200 boys are sexually abused daily while over 2.8 million men have been victims of domestic violence in Kenya.PHOTO:COURTESY

Over 200 boys are sexually abused daily while over 2.8 million men have been victims of domestic violence in Kenya. The research conducted by Maendeleo ya Wanaume Organisation in 10 counties showed that violence against men and the boy child was a rights abuse that usually goes unreported.

While releasing the findings of the study yesterday, Chairman Nderitu Njoka noted that seven out of 10 men have experienced physical and emotional abuse.

“It documents physical and emotional experiences from men and boys and includes incidents by an intimate partner, gender and domestic violence,” Njoka observed.

The survey, he said, also identified stigma, fear of rejection, embarrassment and fear of accelerated violence as some of the reasons men fail to seek help or report the assault.

Nairobi and Kiambu counties topped the list where emotional, physical and economic deprivation were prevalent, with the two being ranked position one and two respectively.

Njoka said the survey recommended that the Government should address 15 issues among them rape against men and boys be gazetted as sexual offences.


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“The sexual offence act should be amended to ensure both offences carry the same sentences as rape and defilement against females,” the survey, which Njoka said interviewed 2,000 respondent, notes.
It further recommends circumcision of boys be made free and banning of shorts in schools and traditional circumcision, which he said placed men and boys at risk of HIV infection.

“The Constitution discriminates against the male at the expense of female by bracketing them as marginalised and assuming all men are empowered,” Njoka explained.

It further advises that all men participate in the August 8 polls by voting men and women of quality leadership, with clear policy and agenda focusing on the male gender.

“I advise men not to vote for so-called women representatives. Parliament should not be turned into an arena of gender animosity and feminism but should serve all equally,” Njoka stated.


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