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Report by ICT Experts appointed by Supreme Court on IEBC Server and System- Raila was Right, System was HACKED !

The IEBC server report is damning, strange IP addresses accessed the IEBC server! The below IP addresses accessed the file server even though they do not belong to the IEBC IP address inventory


Was the IEBC system hacked? oh yes according to the experts contracted by the Supreme Court, check report below>>

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What is hacking

Hacking is using a computer to gain unauthorized and unlawful access data in a system.

Was there hacking attempts? Yes

Was there successful hacking attempt ? Yes and is listed in the log as having gained access into the system.

What happened in that system according to gleaned extracts ? So many form 34A’s were deleted from the system using various login credentials including that of Chairman and CEO of IEBC

In the final report by the registrar, partial and non compliance was pointed out.

So clearly the ball is now with the judges

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