Rancher Tristan Voorspuy’s profile

Tristan Voorspay at Sosian Ranch in Laikipia County.He was shot dead by armed bandits on Sunday at the ranch. PHOTO:COURTESY

Tristan Voorspuy was born in South Africa but schooled and raised in Sussex, England.  

He spent a brief period at Agricultural College before joining the British Army in 1975 for a three-year Short Service Commission, which he extended for another three years.

After leaving the army in 1981, Voorspuy rode a motorbike from London to Cape Town for nine months, looking for work opportunities in Africa.

Having heard of famous horseback safaris in Kenya, he applied for a job in the country and spent six years tour-guiding before beginning Offbeat Safaris in 1990.

Voorspuy founded Offbeat Safaris, beginning purely as a riding safari outfitter. In 2002, he joined hands with Piers Winkworth to offer non-riding safaris, leading to the birth of Offbeat Mara Camp.

At this time, Voorspuy also took on the restoration of Sosian Ranch, with six other shareholders. This is how Sosian Lodge was born.


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Offbeat Safaris collection remains small and personal and true to its traditional safari roots.

Before his death, Voorspuy led horseback and other safaris professionally for 32 years in East Africa.

He has ridden in Botswana, South Africa, Ethiopia, Malawi, Namibia, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

He held a Kenya gold level certificate of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association and is an honorary warden of the Kenya Wildlife Service.



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