Raila uses friendship with Magufuli to win over voters

National Super Alliance (Nasa) presidential candidate Raila Odinga has said that if he wins in the forthcoming elections movement across the Kenya-Tanzania border will be easier because he and Tanzanian President John Magufuli are friends.

“(President John Pombe) Magufuli is my friend; I will speak to him and ensure that this border is opened,” Mr Odinga said at the Namanga border post from where he started a series of roadside campaigns in Kajiado County.

He claimed that the current frosty relations between Kenya and Tanzania were caused by “insults hurled by people in Jubilee government”.

Mr Odinga was referring to the current situation at the border town, where Kenyans were thrown out of Tanzania for lack of work permits.

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Some Kenyans had been locked up and charged in Tanzanian courts for being in the country illegally.

The action by the Tanzanian government led to riots and protests on the Kenyan side of the border.

When mediation efforts failed Kenyan immigration authorities in Namanga responded by asking Tanzanians working in Kenya to go back to their country.

Mr Odinga said that a Nasa government would turn Namanga into an industrial park to provide employment for the youth.

He also promised to establish a fund that will specifically take care of single mothers and widows so as to shield them from high cost of living.

“Nasa will bring down the cost of living within the first 100 days in office,” he added.

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He reiterated the Nasa promise of free primary and education.

“Parents will only need to send their children to school. The rest, fees, pens and books and teachers’ salaries will be provided by the government,” Mr Odinga said.

He also promised that Kenyans aged 60 years and above will receive a monthly stipend of Sh3,000 from the government.

Mr Odinga caused laughter when he asked Nasa supporters not to engage in sexual activity on the eve of election day.

“You must be vigilant; men must not get near their women on that night and women should refuse the approaches of their men.”

Mr Odinga, who flew from Nairobi direct to Namanga, made brief stops in Ilbisil, Kajiado and Isinya.

He got to Isinya at around 6.30 pm, which according to Nasa sources, was beyond the stipulated campaign hours.

Mr Odinga, who was accompanied by his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka, travelled from Isinya to Nairobi by helicopter.

The move to bypass Kitengela left hundreds of his supporters disappointed.

They had been waiting for him since 2pm, when word spread that he would visit Kajiado.

By 7.30 in the evening, Nasa supporters were still waiting for him along the busy Namanga Highway, where he was set to address a roadside rally.

This caused heavy traffic getting into Kitengela from both ends.

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