Pressure mounting at Thika, says Muyoti

Thika United coach Nicholas Muyoti has conceded that he is under pressure to get a win for the club. Under his leadership, the milkmen have played seven matches, losing once and drawing the rest. Despite putting up a decent display, the Thika-based club have found it hard to bag maximum points when it matters. Muyoti is confident though, fortunes will turn around.
“In our kind of job, if you do not win, definitely you will be under pressure and I am not an exception. I feel the pressure of not winning but I do not want to turn it to players. I want to continue helping them deliver. With the way we are playing, I am confident we will deliver,” Muyoti said.
“When I took over, we had a problem of conceding goals but we have since worked on this effectively. Now it is a matter of shaping up the striking force.”
Thika United are currently placed in the 17th position with 13 points.

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