President Kenyatta didn’t attend the funeral of Hon. Joel Onyancha who has been his ardent supporter and campaigner in the larger Gusii Region. This has sent mixed signals and many pundits are claiming that he is no longer interested in Gusii votes. Him missing the funeral of his friend has made very many people to ask very many questions and no answers are coming from his lieutenants on the ground.

Many political analysts from Gusii region are giving various reasons why President Uhuru is giving Gusii a wide berth, a region which gave him substantial votes in the just concluded election but nullified by the Supreme court.

JOEL PRESIDENT UHURU CONSPICUOUSLY MISSES HON. JOEL ONYANCHA'S FUNERAL IN KISIIThe president was expected to attend the funeral ceremony of the former Bomachoge Borabu Parliamentarian, The late Hon. Joel Onyancha but he opted to attend a political rally in Busia County flanked by former ODM Vice-Chairman Hon. Otuoma and Ababu Namwamba.

The political development in Gusii region is daily growing a discontent with the president perceived to be anti-the Gusii community based on the attacks he has persistently waged against the CJ David Maraga whom he has referred to as Mkora(Conman).

Chris-Obure-696x522 PRESIDENT UHURU CONSPICUOUSLY MISSES HON. JOEL ONYANCHA'S FUNERAL IN KISIIMany youths have staged several demonstrations against the current government and may  have given the president the impression that he is no longer welcome in Gusii.

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