PCEA moderator: Allow politicians campaign during church services

PCEA Moderator Right Rev Julius Mwamba addresses a congregation at Nyamachaki PCEA Church on June, 20 2015 .He said the church is concerned about by the threat posed to the family by some of social problems like homosexuality drug and conflicts in marriages. PHOTO KIBATA KIHU/STANDARD..

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Politicians should be allowed to campaign during church services, according to Presbyterian Church of East Africa moderator Julius Mwamba.

 He said politicians should be allowed to air their views in church and look for supporters.

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On Sunday, Mr Mwamba allowed politicians, who included Woman Representative Florence Kajuju and former Interior Permanent Secretary Mutea Iringo, to speak in church about their development agenda ahead of the coming elections.

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“Make sure you elect only those who preach peace and spread the gospel; those who fear God,” said Mwamba, who was accompanied by Deputy Secretary General Rev Mugendi Kanga. 

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