Panic in Statehouse as OT MORPHO says only 3.5m people voted, company currently defending itself at EU Parliament


1. OT MORPHO is on the path of redeeming it’s international image. They made some crazy revelations. That only 3.5M Kenyans voted. They have both names and location of each KIMS KIT. Secondly, they have data and information how votes have been ballooned and clearly are able to demonstrate where the entire process took place since KIMS KIT were capturing the geographical positions. This information is with EU lead observer Ms Maria and it’s in the EU Parliament. Raila and NASA have raw data of this information. Something worrying much IEBC and Jubilee at the moment.

2. Based on the OT MORPHO revelations, the EU election observer mission says the Thursday polls were a sham.

3. Yesterday evening the EU, US ambassadors visited Raila at his office. They then later extended their mission to state house. The reason why Uhuru delayed showing up at the Bomas. The diplomats are aware well informed about the OT MORPHO dossier. They urged both Raila and Uhuru to negotiate and if possible form a government. Raila never gave them an answer, same to Uhuru.

Kenyans, tighten up your belts. Some heavy bumpy storms awaits the country. Take a lot of caution!

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