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PANIC In Statehouse After DCJ Philomena Mwilu SLAPPED AG Githu Muigai in Court Over Re-Use Ballot Boxes

Credible intelligence sources indicate that that their is panic in Jubilee after yesterday’s ruling at the SCOK. Jubilee’s computer generated majority in parliament is set to vaporize after the SCOK rejected their plans to save save its numbers.


In their effort to save their these computer generated leaders, the Jubilee government through the AG Githu Muigai who is also said to be Uhuru’s cousin, who is not even an IEBC official, sought permission from the SCOK for the government to reuse ballot boxes used in the 8/8/17 elections.

If their prayers would have been granted by the court, all vifaranga vya computer would have done in the hearing of their election petition was to ask for a voters recount; and since the ballot boxes would have been opened to be used for the Fresh presidential elections, Jubilee machinary would comfortably manufacture marked ballot papers to match that written in the fake forms 34As and forms 34Bs, thereby making sure the election of Vifaranga vya computer is upheld.

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But the DCJ, in her wisdom, saw them from a far and this was her response to the outrageous request from Uhuru’s cousin:

The law requires that the election materials be kept safe, not tampered with, for at least 3 years…

Githu Muigai: The country has spent a lot of money in this election. I request that we relieve the country this burden by allowing the re-use of the ballot boxes only. The ballots can be separately kept safe?


DJC Mwilu: The Hon Attorney General…

Githu Muigai: Yes me Lady…

DJC Mwilu: Are the ballot boxes election materials?

Githu Muigai: I will answer in the affirmative (yes) me Lady… plus the seals…

DCJ Mwilu: Thank you.

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And with her ruling, the likes of Duale and other vifaranga vya computer should kiss parliament goodbye since it will be impossible for Jubilee to stuff ballot boxes for every MP, Governor, and look for the same agents to sign new seals to reseal the boxes.

Jubilee wamekamatiwa chini.

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