October “Re-elections”: The Emperor Uthamaki Had No Clothes


By Dorcas Sarkozy

And that, fellow Kenyans, is why in spite of his pedigree, his money, his title as president and as C-in-C, Uhuru Kenyatta (and his supporters) go to bed and wake up thinking of Raila Amolo Odinga – every damn day!

This because the world saw a Kenyan electorate that for all intents and purposes, harkens to the call of one Raila Odinga – warts and all.

About two weeks ago, Raila withdrew his candidacy for the October 26 re-election because in his opinion, the IEBC had refused to make changes to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process – facts acceded to by Wefula Chebukati and Roselyn Akombe.

Mr. Kenyatta and Jubilee thus had the entire electoral map and national campaign stage to themselves. They had the spotlight of both the local, continental and international media trained on their candidate. The team also had the money and the weird and new “wembe ni ule ule” campaign slogan that curiously morphed into something about “umri umri”.

Yet despite this favorable landscape and a fat bank account, all the president’s men and all the president’s billions could only convince his base to vote and the 8.2M votes he, Uhuru, received back in August shrunk to 6.5M today and even that 6.5M is suspect.

The rest of the country save Mt. Kenya/Central and pockets of Rift Valley stayed home.


Because they were convinced that the re-election was a sham – a point Raila has been making ad nauseam – to no avail.

Love him or hate him but challenge him in a fair and transparent duel at your own peril and UMK found that out today.

So now after garnering all of 6.5M votes, a total that incidentally keeps on changing, he, Uhuru wants to “reach out to Raila and ‘unite’ the country”.

The man whose forces unleashed death and destruction against the mostly Luo protestors is now talking “reconciliation” and “decrying tribalism” and “violence”.


I’ll tell you why:

Because his support is primarily confined to his Mt. Kenya/Central base and pockets of Rift Valley – his CV notwithstanding – and that terrifies him.

I actually feel sorry for Uhuru Kenyatta. During his first term, “Kamwana” has lived up to his nickname – affectionately and otherwise.

He has oscillated between the churlish tantrums and name-calling only to self-pacify and deliver so lucid and coherent a speech that one would think that he actually sat down and thought through what he wanted to say!

Uhuru Kenyatta called CJ David Maraga and SCOK “wakoras” even as he decried “tribal politics” and those who “excelled in matusi”. He threatened to “nyorosha” his opponents then threated to “revisit” a decision he did not agree with. And if the foregoing does not make one dizzy, the man who threatened to “nyorosha” this and “revisit” that also called the nation to “pray for peace”!

Let me finish by saying this:

By imposing the scam of an “election” on Kenyans, Uhuru Kenyatta not only revealed his limited support and influence, he ensured that his 2nd term – if one can even call it that – will be illegitimate and/or ignored by the rest of the country save his Mt. Kenya/Central base and pockets of his deputy’s Rift Valley base.

Today’s voter turnout and vote tally say it all :

The emperor has no clothes and frankly, he has never had any!

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