No movement in Migori as Nasa supporters block roads

There is no movement of people in and outside Migori County.

All roads have been blocked with boulders by the Nasa supporters and pedestrians are expected to carry stones in a show of solidarity.


Vehicles transporting poll materials are finding it difficult to reach the eight constituencies.

Some Nasa supporters have camped at polling stations and on said they want to “see the courageous faces of presiding officers and clerks who want to conduct the polls against the advice of Nasa leader Raila Odinga”.

The main bridge in Migori town, which connects Kenya and Tanzania, has been blocked by youths who now appear unperturbed by tear gas fumes.

Police have unsuccessfully tried to open the roads but the youth block them almost immediately.

Most residents opted to remain indoors.

IEBC official Mr Charles Mutai said the “obtaining situation is very worrying”.

Opposition protesters in Migori County blocked roads on Tuesday night, making some areas inaccessible.

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