New smart driving licence to nab,profile traffic offenders, car thieves

Motorists will by May have a new generation driving licence the size of an ATM card. This was revealed during the Vision 2030 CEOs forum.

“The driving licence will have a computer chip and will be the size of an ATM card where all your biometric information will be incorporated in it so that it can recognise the car owner or driver using fingerprints. But also very importantly, it will have a payment wallet, which will help traffic offenders pay for the fines instantly using driving licences,” said Francis Meja, Director General National Transport and Safety Authority.

Instant fines are for minor offences like speeding, riding motorcyles without protective gears, overlapping, failure to fasten seat belts, driving on footpaths among others that have penalties ranging from Sh500 to Sh10,000.

Meja said that the law had been amended to allow instant fines and the e-payment wallet would give the profile history of drivers, which has been a challenge since repeated offenders are not profiled.

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