Shocking revelation across Kenya as Jubilee leadership has abandoned campaigns and lace their lull and appetite for opposition leaders who lost in the party nomination primaries and independents during the general elections.

The first leaders’ the opposition alleges to have been bought are from Western Province, led by Hon. Otuoma, Jirongo, Ababu Namwamba and Alfred Khangati. The irony, however, is the common man who accompanies the leaders to Statehouse are fed Ugali and Nyama and only given a paltry Kshs. 500 to 2000 for transport back home, while their leaders are left to share a huge chunk of “gift” from the President and his Deputy.

The most notorious and shameful act is when the opposition and Jubilee Leaders from Kisii and Nyamira counties filled School buses and headed to Nakuru to meet the head of state. The trip turned chaotic when the food which was meant to feed the masses could not feed the hungry delegates monstrous appetite, this led to a fist fight for survival in order to reach the precious Nyama(meat) and Ugali, most of them it appears have yearned to eat for decades if not years. The situation got worse and tumultuous when Kenyans were treated to an opera like- scene we usually watch from the Mexican and Nigerian movies, when (Leaders) had to lick from cooking pots, Aluminum trays used for serving and warming the food.

It’s very apparent that Kenyans are really very hungry to eat the meat, which can only be found in the statehouse, and can’t be accessed in their local butcheries because it is a preserve for the privileged in the society. Kenyans have been told that for them to access it they must vote for Jubilee, a fact far from the truth because Jubilee has been in power for the last 4 and half years and the leaders and the common man has not gotten a chance to enjoy it ,but now a real miracle will happen and the manna will fall onto their doorsteps, backyards, and on their fields albeit realistic as it sounds.

In Narok and Kajiado, the NASA Gubernatorial leaders who lost, have conspicuously dropped the petitions they filed and were hopeful to beat the winners because of massive irregularities and tons of evidence they presented in courts based on what we were treated to during their much published and hyped presentation to courts.

Another very high profile defection was witnessed in Mombasa, where the former senator Hon. Omar Hassan publicly declared his support for President Uhuru Kenyatta a former arch-enemy /or adversary turned foe overnight and got an opportunity to poke holes to his former Coalition members who he categorically now calls losers.

The defection was well choreographed and almost swallowed Jicho Pevu’s Ali Mohammed who beat a hasty retreat when he was bombarded with nasty words and messages from friends and foe alike.

In North Eastern, the trend is catching up with the former incumbents waiting to abandon their petitions formally and join the Jubilee bandwagon.

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