Mwathethe’s warning against Secession talks.

Military forces General Samson Mwathethe has passed a stern to NASA allied politicians against furthering the secession talks.

During the burial of Muranga Deputy OCPD Madaraka Mung’aro at Dabaso earlier today, General Mwathethe warned politicians to read the state of politics in the country stating that any careless talk might plunge the country into anarchy which has brought down other countries..

Mwathethe who sits on the National Security Council has however received sharp criticism  from his critics who are questioning why the is not paying attention to reasons as to why the people are calling for secession.

Mwathethe’s warning comes a day after Politicians from Nyanza and Coast regions have hinted that secession process could begin the electoral body IEBC goes ahead and conducts election on 26th October as the Commissions Chair confessed that the commission cannot conduct a free, fair and credible election.

Could this be a subtle military threat of resistance in case parts of the country decides to secede?

In his examples, General Mwathethe mentioned countries like Bosnia and Iraq as countries which wars have destroyed.

He said.

“In Iraq for example, I saw a mass grave that stretched for more than eight kilometers. Some politicians are talking but have not seen the impact of war and its threats on the lives of the people.”

Mwathethe’s appointment to the office was sharply questioned and was viewed as political.

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