MP Joshua Kutuny sobered by his return to Parliament.

Life, I love life. One may think that life is all about inhaling and exhaling Oxygen, as Biology could explain but life is more than just breathing in and out. To me, life is when you are able to learn from the events that happened in life. Especially your personal life. Remember my previous article, on Events. Find it.

A couple of days ago, most probably last week on Monday, I told my Facebook audience about the events that were just about to unravel. Little did I know that former Commissioner Dr. Roselyn Akombe was to resign nor did I have the slightest idea of an impending copter crush in lake Nakuru that left a renown East African preferred pilot by top notch politicians in the East African region could get so drunk that he took a copter for just a ride. May the souls lost in the crush rest in eternal peace.

What I however know is that. Cherenganyi Legislature Joshua Kutuny former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s political adviser who life has shaped to perfection. I remember the old arrogant, ignorant Kutuny who lost his seat as the MP of his people in Cheranganyi in 2013. At one point I would have compared Kutuny to the vicious Moses Kuria of Gatundu South.

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I have been closely monitoring the Cherenganyi Legislator since his return from being a handy man. First rewind to the electioneering period. During the campaign period, this man Kutuny came up with one very powerful slogan…”Heshimu Raia” meaning respect ordinary Kenyans. I am sure this was his political elevator to serving his people who he swore to diligently serve once again. Once bitten twice shy…he knows what cost one pays for disrespecting the power of the people unlike his boss, who has no “heshima” for humanity. The Legislator has risen against all odds and made it back to parliament.

In a video clip, a hasty interview with SDE, the member of parliament actually accepts that there is no should I say reasonable souls working with the office of the President and wished to be out.

He says.

” As the Presidents political adviser you realize that people are not your friends. They need you to deliver. And it is not easy as many people would think… I need somewhere I can tell you this thing is wrong as it is. Sometimes you know correcting a friend becomes a bit hectic.”

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Witty Kutuny as remembered for satire. He still deploys this tact todate when he called upon his “friend” President Uhuru Kenyatta to show some sense of respect to the NASA Coalition urging him that they might have grey dyed hair insinuating wisdom not to undermine them.

“Baba right now I cannot engage him the way I used to engage him.” he said before turning into the Kutuny we all knew. “kama venye naeza sema baba sasa..unajua kuna statement moja nilisema kwamba unaona hawa wazee wote hii nywele yote imepigwa rangi, lakini wakinyeshewa yote itakua nyeupe.”

The Cheranganyi member of parliament who won his sit on a Jubilee ticket has lately been seen not siding with his party members on most of the approach given to the current political quagmire the country finds it’s self ahead of the new polls set for 26th of October.

Else where in Cherenganyi, while speaking to his constituents called upon IEBC Commissioners to focus on the Independence of the Commission ahead of the elections.

“Lakini nataka kuomba IEBC, in as much as parliament is going to amend the election laws, it is important for them to comply with the supreme court ruling. It is important for them as an individual, which is independent.” He said.

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Kutuny further went ahead calling upon Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria to drop any amendments that don’t match the constitution and not to look for excuses to put aside those that the 11th parliament had worked on.

“Because we want to entrust laws which are constitutional. That is very important. Think along that line Moses Kuria. Those laws that are dangerous, let us put them a side.”

The Cheranganyi MP has in the recent past rocked News headlines by taking a different sober stand from that of Jubilee team with a recent call being directed to the electoral Commission to postpone the elections as slated for the 26th of October due to the current political temperatures in the country with many fearing for the worst days to the election.

“Itakua hataris sana, tusipochunguza…” he said in his deep sharp voice posing to look at every face in the conference room. “…heri kuziba ufa, kuliko kuja kujenga ukuta. Wanaoshikilia Kenya kwa sasa ni tume ya IEBC. Iwapo mwenye kiti atavuta upande wake, na wanasiasa wavute upande wao. Hiyo sasa itakua ni matayarisho ya balaa baada ya uchaguzi.” he added.

Seeming to have sensed defeat come the presidential poll despite NASA flag bearer Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga’s withdrawal from the fresh poll, Kutuny has called  upon political tolerance irregardless of who wins the elections. Sending his message to both the Jubilee party and the NASA coalition.

“Mimi mwenyewe kama Jubilee, naamini Uhuru Kenyatta atashinda. Wa NASA wanaamini kwamba Baba labda nyota itammulikia. Lakini ningependa baada ya Uchanguzi wa tareher kumi na saba, tukishinda baba tunamsalimia, na mkono wa buriani. Na kumwambia nenda salama. Na tukishindwa, mtu ashindwe kwa namna ya kidemokrasia. Isihe ikawa,tume ndio italaumiwa.

The legislature has been calling upon the Jubilee party, NASA coalition Principals and the Independent Commission of IEBC to come to a consensus on elections before it is too late for our beloved country making him the only sober mind among the Jubilee legislatures. His recent call could also signal an exit from Jubilee party which top officials seem to be advocating for bloodshed in the name of elections.

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