Militia in Police Uniforms?

As NASA anti-IEBC demos intensify, there is a growing fear of possible militia being equipped with Police uniforms and crude weapons to take down demonstrators.

On Monday, 9th of October during the demos, a vehicle ran down demonstrators in Nairobi wounding several and killing at least one demonstrator. The vehicle, model, Prado under registration No. KBQ 609G 2005 was later found to be owned to be owned by one George Gichumu Muriuki as revealed by NASA officials. 

In another incidence, a man disguised as anti-riot police in Nairobi was seen in a photo of so called “Nairobi Business Community” was later seen holding a gun manning the Anniversary Towers where IEBC is housed. A photo of the man in dreads then later surfaced leaving Kenyans at large mouth a gape. He had dreads.

 In Nyanza, NASA strong hold, areas perceived to be hot spots like in Kisumu, Kondele, Nyalenda, Obunga and parts of car wash Militia disguised as Police were seen by residence breaking into businesses giving demonstrators the lee way to loot there after taking a low profile and later returning to shoot live bullets and killing demonstrators. In Bondo, 2 were reported killed while in Kisumu a rough estimate of 4 deaths were reported while in Nyalenda a door to door raid was staged during the day.

It is reported that the Jubilee Government has resolved to equip the militia wit crude weapons and extra police uniforms ahead of the 26th General Election.

Reports indicate that there is massive acquisition of security forces uniforms which some Mungikis are wearing in towns where anti-IEBC demos are on going against the IEBC officials.

Yesterday during the successful anti- IEBC demonstrations held across the Country, in Nairobi a militia adherent in Police uniform was seen brandishing a panga. The man is also reported to have been behind the shooting that happened on Monday in which the Prado car was involved. He is a Mungiki adherent.

Jubilee is so much determined that election must take place because they have printed ballots and forms and completely filled in favor of Uhuru Kenyatta.


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