Magarini MP’s HIV cure claim dangerous, Aids council says

A scientist has termed claims by Magarini MP, Harrison Kombe, that he has discovered a cure HIV/Aids as dangerous.

Last week, the MP claimed that he can cure the disease using a reflexology therapy.

The National Aids Control Council Coast coordinator Julius Koome said the MP’s claims will likely interfere and disrupt the fight against HIV/Aids in Kilifi County and should be countered.

“His insinuation is similar to the case in The Gambia nine years ago when the then President Yahya Jahmeh claimed [he could] cure HIV. It is well-known that it disrupted (Aids) treatment in The Gambia for years. We are yet to get details of his revelations but this will interfere with our efforts to fight the scourge,” said Mr Koome.

He said the MP’s claims will jeopardise the lives of 20,000 people currently on Aids treatment in Kilifi County.

Last week, Mr Kombe said he could cure a patients diagnosed with the virus that causes Aids at an early stage using reflexology therapy, which does not require any use of medicine.

“The reflexology does not only help to cure HIV/Aids virus at early stages but also reactivates sexual organs for men,” the MP told Chamari residents during a rally attended by Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aro.

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