Looming Secession Talk

UN issue guidelines on Peaceful Secession.

With barely five days to fresh Presidential polls, the United Nations has given guidelines that could oversee sections of Kenya secede from the entire region following the current political quagmire brought to a stop.

Talks on self-determination were first heard by many Kenyans David Ndii, a renown economist and a Chief Strategist on the NASA Coalition through his Twitter account posted a Tweet about called parts of Kenya to secede from the entire region due to bad Governance later sharing a link on his Twitter account where interested parties could sign a petition for Self Determination. The petition, Ndii says has so far received a backing 94% from the opposition supporters.

In his petition, that had earlier led to his arrest and with undisclosed sponsors, the Coastal region, Nyanza, Kisii, Western, Eastern and parts of Rift Valley that include Turkana, Samburu, Narok and Kajiado Counties will break to form a new State to be called People’s Republic of Kenya.

Secession talks have since refused to go away even after the nullification of the Presidential results. On Monday the 16th of October,  two Kenyans Mathew Mwilitsa and Alex Matisa also tabled a petition seeking the autonomy of Western Kenya. The two are asking the Court to let the people of what used to be the Eastern Province of Uganda under the colonial rule to decide their political future in a referendum.

Kenya had earlier faced secession talks during the Shifta war and under MRC where separatists were subdued by the Police and Court actions.

However, David Ndii’s petition that targets about 15millions signatures before being tabled at the African Commission on Human and People Rights according to Economist David Ndii has received 8million signatures.

The United Nations has since written back to the Petitioner David Ndii giving guidelines in that would lead to Self Determination in what they referred to as an “Abusive Marriage” as earlier said by Ndii.

A Secessionist Guide.

1. Get the World behind you.

For secession, a consensus of International bodies, including a UN vote of confidence must prove key.

2. Avoid Violence.

The secession debate must be under a peaceful environment for it to be recognized Internationally.

3. Don’t Vote.

The majority of those supporting secession debate must boycott elections as a block.

4. Sell reasonably priced copies of your new flag.

A symbol of the new flag must be known to the whole World.

5. Make the economic argument.

The cause of liberty is best advanced by having a large number of competing jurisdictions. More options in statehood is better. Governments are less likely to be oppressive when they know people or (their money) can cross national borders.

6. Focus on things outside politics.

An International brand-building exercise via sports appears to have bled into sympathy, or at least interest in the local secession movement.

7. Don’t Wrestle Saber.

No one should threaten anyone, and ultimately, no one should get hurt.

8. Stay with the group.

The leader of the secession debate must stay with the group for it to get recognition.

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