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Residents of Minneapolis got a very rare free Immigration clinic, conducted by the Antolak and Ongeri Law firm based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

The law firm offered free advice to immigrants on how to react in case the ICE agents show up at their front door, work place and also if stopped by state troopers due to traffic violations.

Residents were able to ask various questions ranging from immigration, housing and the IRS.

The three lawyers who attended the town hall open forum courtesy of Antolak and Ongeri Transatlantic Law firm were, Henry Ongeri, Steven Antolak, and Ryan Kampmeyer. They presented their legal overview about the new immigration reforms and the President Trump’s  executive order on immigration and how residents can go about the processes in case they are arrested and how they seek help in that situation.


One of the areas they stressed more is not to drive a car without a tail light and also desist from domestic violence which can be a precursor  to arrests and detention.

The entire session was captured by KDRTV and the video is available here.