Kenyans react on social media about study on teens and condoms

Kenyans on social media were on Tuesday an unhappy lot following results of a study indicating that teenagers want access to contraceptives.

According to a study conducted in Homa Bay, Mombasa and Nairobi on teens between the age of 15 and 17, teenagers are more interested in knowing about contraceptives including condoms, where to get them and how to use them than how to avoid sex.

Many in social media felt that societal and religious norms do not permit teaching children about contraceptives and that such a move would lead to erosion of morals.

Isaac [email protected] wrote: “Sex is for pro creation. We can’t let irresponsible children go out having sex. Condoms are not God to protect our children!”

Mburu Mburu wrote on Facebook that, “Teens need Jesus Christ not condoms!”


Others say telling teenagers about contraception amounts to giving them the go ahead to experiment with sex.

FansOfKenyanMusic, @KenyanFanz said: “Tell them to get a job and buy their own condoms. If they get sick they should buy their own medicine… simple.”

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John Karanja @johnkar05888584 tweeted: “This is not fair since most of our cultural values will be eroded… It’s like giving them licence for the act.”

Leo Kinuthia, @leokinuthiak posted: “Children can ask for anything. It still needs the wisdom of their elders to determine what they will get.”


A few people felt that giving the teenagers this information is the right thing to do.

Sonnie Kariuki posted on Facebook that, “Given the rates of HIV… why not?”

Gladys Mata, @gladysnjuguna4 agrees; “The world is so exposed so for me I go for a yes.”

Davinci Mwandiki, @d3visi said, “Rather they learn from the right people than fellow age mates who think contraceptives are the cause of acne.”

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