Kenya hope to bid for the 2020 World U20 show

After the just concluded IAAF global under-18 championship, Kenya is yet again prepared to host the 2020 World Junior Championships.
Being the final edition of the World Under-18 Championships, the country defied all odds to successfully stage the event at Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani.
The Ministry of Sports Principal Secretary Peter Kaberia, said they are keen to bid for either the World 2020 or 2022 Junior Championships.
“The legacy left after the championships gives us the power and the energy to meet the world and say we too in Kenya can host the world. I think in the next two to three days, we will be bidding for the 2020 or 2021 World Under-20 Championships.”
His sentiments were echoed by the World Under-18 Championships Local Organizing Committee (LOC) chairman Mwangi Muthee, who asked IAAF to consider Kenya to host many more global events in future. “The success realised in the championships will inspire many people to partner with us in sports. Bring in the World Championships and we will host it without any qualms. Before, we were known to be great athletes and now we have another reputation that Kenya can organise big events. It’s important especially when you want to tap the huge resources that happen to be sports business for the future.”
The youth show attracted over 55,000 fans on the final day of the youth event. “The event has opened doors for so many possibilities and I think the maintenance of Kasarani and its upkeep has drawn interests of so many people but the ministry will take full responsibility. Between now and the next 20 years, we will make sure there is a fixed line for its maintenance in order not to lose it to degradation as it has been the case before,” said Kaberia.
The Local Organizing Committee for the championships is set to hand over the facility to Chan Cup organizing committee for adequate preparations of next year’s continental tournament.

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