IPOA to probe GSU officer over rape claim

A GSU officer is on the spotlight after he allegedly raped his former sister-in-law at the unit’s headquarters in Nairobi on Thursday.

The officer is alleged to have lured the woman into his house, on pretence that he wanted to send her to take some shoes to her nephew.

While in his house, he allegedly raped her repeatedly and told her blatantly that he was revenging the fact that her sister left him.

Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) Chairman Macharia Njeru said he had dispatched a team of investigators to the GSU headquarters to investigate the matter.

“We received the report on Tuesday and we are treating it with utmost seriousness, since the allegations fall under ‘priority matters’. We promise to get to the bottom of it,” Mr Njeru said.

A report from the hospital’s Sexual Violence Recovery Center and which is in our possession confirmed that she had had a sexual encounter without protection.

The victim, according to the report signed by MSF was vaccinated for Hepatitis and given the Post Exposure Prophilaxis medication usually given to victims of rape to protect them from probable HIV infection.

The matter booked under OB number 46/9/2/2017 at the Muthaiga Police Station, was also reported in IPOA, under reference number IPOA/CMU/218/2017.

A P3 form signed by OCS Muthaiga states that the victim reported to have been raped by someone well known to her.

The Nation has also acquired a recorded telephone conversation between the officer and his victim, where the officer asked the victim to arrange and meet him, so that they could settle the matter without involving the authorities.

A source at the GSU Headquarters on Wednesday however said that the officer was on duty and that he had been deployed on duty outside the station.

GSU Commandant Toroitich Chelimo was not available for a comment about the matter, as his calls went unanswered.

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