”In whose interest is the October 26 repeat election?”- Hon Ole kiyapi


Elections should be done on behalf of Kenya

By James Ole Kiyapi

In whose interest is the October 26 repeat election?

We all want a united Kenya, where everyone belongs to the government. A Kenya that we all belong to: The only duty of leadership is to bring the people together and forge a united agenda for the people and the country.
The Supreme Court wanted the election done within 60 days. The IEBC is not prepared. I don’t know the solution because we are already late. IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati had the time to go to the Supreme Court and seek more time so that he can reorganize his team. He did not. Chebukati is a coward. He should know that he is the chairman because the Kenyan people gave him a job. He knew the country was divided and should have looked for a solution. It is high time President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila Odinga talked to each other to find a solution. Not their solution, but the solution that serves the interests of the 45 million Kenyans. A lasting solution so that we can live in peace.
That is why I say our country should be back from this very unnecessary conflict and another prolonged season of hatred. It is unacceptable to have the tension after every five years during the polls. We must have a lasting solution where everyone elected becomes a President for all Kenyans.
Because Chebukati failed to do his part, it is up to the two main leaders – the President and the former Prime Minister – to take charge.
Even if we go to the October 26 polls and Uhuru is declared the President and half of the country is not happy, what is the benefit of that! And even if we don’t hold the election and we are still polarized it does not add value. We need to be a united country so that whoever becomes the President becomes the President of the whole country. I want the 19 million registered voters to line up and vote, because it’s their right and duty, in peace, in a fair, free and credible poll. Elections must meet all the constitutional and international standards.
The question Jubilee should ask themselves is, For whose benefit is the October 26 election? Is it for part of the country or the whole country! Elections should be done on behalf of the nation.
Uhuru and Raila must talk. Right now.

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