IEBC Vice Chair Nkatha Maina Receives A Strange Letter From Donald Kipkorir – Read It Here

My 2nd Open Letter To IEBC Vice Chairperson Connie Nkatha Maina

Ms. Maina, how do you want History to record your role in Kenya’s electoral process? Kenya has never had universally accepted elections since independence. Before 1992, there was no pretending that the Elections were legitimate. Presidents Jomo Kenyatta and his successor Daniel Arap Moi were solitary and exclusive electoral bodies. Those they wanted elected, were “elected”.

From 1992 we established Independent Electoral Bodies, but each Commission replaced “Independent” to mean “Goverment Of The Day”…Since 1992, each Commission has left office in shame and into ignominy. All the Chairmen faded into the sunset of life in pain. For sure, the Heavens couldn’t allow them to even die in old age and in peace for so much blood money and cries of innocents killed.

We thought this Commission under Wafula Wanyonyi Chebukati will be different. But we are reliably informed that you have decided to replace “Independent “ in IEBC to “Jubilee”. And that you lead three other Commissioners to countermand each Decision of the Chairman. Am told that even if it is raining outside and the Chairman says it is raining, you and the triumvirate Commissioners say NO, it is not.

Ms. Nkatha, do you want to be known as the Australian-Kenyan who came to Kenya, destroyed IEBC and burnt the Country, or one who returned our pride in Constitutional offices? You have time for redemption.

Be known as the Lady who came back to save her country. For over 100 years, since 1337, France was in state of war and her territory dismembered. Then from 1429, Joan of Arc appeared and with heavenly intercession, and with no education, saved France. In 1909, my Church, Roman Catholic Church, made her a Saint.

Connie, the choice is yours. Save Kenya, and we beatify you at an appropriate time, or destroy us and go back to the safety of Australia.


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