IEBC Suspends Training For Electoral Officers POs and DPOs In Siaya

The IEBC training for the POs and DPOs in Bondo constituency has been suspended indefinitely.

This is after a group of rowdy youths attacked the officers who were to begin their training at Sironyo academy in Bondo town.

According to the IEBC Bondo constituency Returning officer Mr. John matekwa, the POs and the DPOs had just started reporting when the goons attacked and roughed up everyone on sight.

He says that the youths broke window panes at the school before taking off with the meat of a cow that was being slaughtered for lunch.

He says therefore that they have now been forced to call off the training until further notice.

Mr. Matekwa who spoke to Radio Ramogi at the training venue said that he is going to file a report and wait for a direction from the IEBCs head office.

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