Actual voter turn out to be declared.

Media Briefing From Bomas:

Derrick Davis: From your tweeter account on Thursday night Mr Chairman, you claimed that the voter turn out was 6.5M. What has changed now that we have new figures?

Chebukati: Our team in the other table is working on the figures. As at now, I don’t have the exact figure but if you have patience wait till 7 pm.

Francis Gachuri: But with all due respect Mr Chairman, it is not fair just to tell us you are working on the figure, where did you get what you posted on your tweeter account?

Chebukati: About the tweet, that was then, but our team is working on the figures now. We are going to have a meeting now and give you a comprehensive report about the tweet.

Roselyne Obala: From the voter register that you released just hours before the election, there is an additional 91,000 voters on top of the original 19m voters. Can you explain to us this change?

Abdi Guliye: I have not really understood your question. Please repeat it.

Roselyne Obala: I am saying that the original number of voters was 19M, but the register you have now has an extra number of voters to a tune of 91,000. Would you explain to us where these extra people came from?

Abdi Guliye: I really don’t know about such a discrepancy but we as the commission are going to sit down and we shall give you a full report of out finding.

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