Gulu ready to host six countries for regional school games

Gulu, a town that was reduced to a shell a decade ago by war has awakened and is ready to host the Brookside East Africa School Games set for August 17-27 in Uganda.

Justus Mugisha, the president of Federation of East Africa Secondary School Sports Association intimated that the tournament means a lot to the northern district of Uganda. He said the event is a shot in the arm in restoring the town to its former acclaim that was shuttered by the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency against the Ugandan government for over two decades (since 1987).

“The war in Gulu ended more than 10 years ago and the town has been rebuilt and this event will rubber-stamp the milestones achieved by the locals and government. The venues have been inspected four times, the highest number ever witnessed since the inaugural edition in 2002. Gulu, and Uganda at large is ready to host East Africa,” said Mugisha who is also the vice president of Federation of Uganda Football Association.

The FEASSSA chief also indicated that the town has a clean bill in terms of public health especially given that the recent ebola scare in early June in Gulu. However, Uganda’s Ministry of Health confirmed that there is no case of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in the country after getting negative results from tests on a suspect in Gulu.

“This is an inter-governmental initiative and the fact that all the six countries gave FEASSSA the green light to host the championships in Gulu is proof enough that the area has been certified to be safe and free of any (deadly/ transmissible) diseases, ebola included,” added Mugisha.

Gulu District first registered its first bout of ebola outbreaks on October 8, 2000, killing more than half of the 400 infected persons.

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