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GSU Officers Resign to Attend Odinga’s Mashujaa Day in Kisumu

Kenyans are Shocked to hear that a GSU Officer Resigned because of….

As Kenyans prepare for a national holiday weekend to remember our Mashujaas who fought bravely to bring independence to our country,

a new crop of Shujaas is cropping in the Country. You agree with me former IEBC Commissioner, Dr. Roselyn Akombe joins the league.

Pulling a stunt never seen before. Some would say it was coward of her to do that and point every finger at her for her move but in the jungle, where anything eats everything, it was a wise move to make.

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This Mashujaa day however will be one of it’s kind. Coming at a time when Kenya is facing a political stand-off between the President, Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon. Raila Odinga. With this, every fact has a Shujaa to celebrate.

Kisumu City will play host to H.E Raila Odinga’s fact as the NASA Presidential candidate chose to commemorate this day with the lake residence to mourn those brought down by Police. Joining him, according to raw reports will be officers from the GSU squad who have since resigned from the force to join Odinga’s rally.

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The officers are said to have changed course and resigned from being part of shame and criticism over the happenings in the country where police have been used to oppress innocent citizens in NASA strongholds leading to use of exesive force and live bullets leaving many lives lost and others maimed.

Even after the IEBC Chairman Mr Chebukati stated clearly that if elections were held on the 26th of October as planned by the Commission that it would not be credible and fair, the Jubilee government has persistently insisted that elections will go on as scheduled going further to file a petition seeking to compel NASA co-principal and Presidential candidate Mr. Odinga to participate in the elections that are barely a week ahead.

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