Governor Mike Sonko Busts Kanjo Kingdom Ring Leaders


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Sunday managed to bust ring leaders of the infamous “Kanjo Kingdom”.


Sonko who was responding to a public outcry on the harassment by the Kanjo Askaris who have been taking advantage of the current political situation to harass traders and extort money from unsuspecting members of the public.


The ‘Kanja Kingdon” gang has been operating around Moi Avenue, Tom Mboya, Westlands, Ngara, Eastleigh and parts of Eastlands.


The Governor with the assistance of detectives from Directorate of Criminal Department decided to personally trail the Kanjo Askaris to monitor how they are harassing members of the public and extort traders.
The ‘Kanjo Kingdom” gang that was busted by Sonko was found in possession of thousands of shillings extorted from city residents and crude weapons hidden in their unroadworthy City Hall vehicle.

Here is the video.

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