Fundamental Questions Why ‘Mt Kenya’ Judges Met At Night To Overule High Court’s Justice Odunga


As regards the Court of Appeal’s suspension of Justice Odunga’s declaration, one wonders:

(a) for a matter that was filed at about 4.30 pm, how the court was able to empanel the bench of 3 judges (Githinji, Koome and Sichale, JJA) late in the evening on a Public Holiday.

(b) how the Court of Appeal was able to stay the declaration of the High Court ex parte again on a Public Holiday.

(c) the basis of the argument by the Court of Appeal that the country is likely to plunge into a Constitutional crisis while there is the principle that the Constitutional should be read as a whole.

But I refuse to cast any aspersions on the character of any individual judge or of the court as a whole.

Justice be our shield and defender!

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