Drama festival play shows how power is abused

Eldoret Polytechnic students perform their play ‘Moshi Mweupe’. [George Orido, Standard]

Eldoret National Polytechnic Wednesday sought to address governance with its play Moshi Mweupe at the ongoing national drama festival in Kisumu.

The play deploys use of the gun to show how the ruling class abuses power. Instead of protecting the people, powerful individuals torment them.

Moshi Mweupe is centred around brothers, Pkopus and Poviot, whose families are in constant conflict.

Poviot, who is illiterate, hates his brother. Pkopus holds a degree from an international university.

His bitterness goes beyond sibling rivalry. One day, it pushes him beyond limits. Poviot storms the wedding of Pkopus’ son and opens fire on the guests. The groom is injured in the melee.  Several children are killed in the ensuing stampede. When the dust has settled, the bride, Maria, asks women in the neighbourhood to help in resolving the differences between Poviot and Pkopus.

“I urge all of us to boycott warming their bedrooms until these men decide to live peacefully,” say Maria.


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In the play directed by Paul Kisali, the plan seems to have worked as the boycott pushes the men to come to the negotiating table. They keep the peace afterwards.

Young man

In another performance, Chavakali High School unleashed a Kiswahili play, Ciku, about a young man who squanders his university fees. He decides to have fun with the money when his wife and villagers, who had contributed the fees, believe he is at the university pursuing medicine. He gives part of the money to a certain ‘Ciku’ to pay her fees. This is after he started an affair with the woman. The young man also ventures into bodaboda business to sustain the illicit relationship.

Later, the young man apologises for his mistakes and are both accepted back, especially after Ciku uses her medical skills to resuscitate a governor.

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