“Dear DP Willam Ruto, ……….BEWARE” – Hon Otwori

By Peterson Otwori


Dear DP Ruto;
Today I want to address you directly as a fellow citizen of Kenya by birthright. You are a bright and intelligent man. But you are being set up my brother. Your 2022 ambition is being prepared for slaughter any time after the current national crisis is over. Watch out those who are animatedly urging you on as you insult, abuse, belittle and intimidate “their” opponents. You are not a Presidential candidate in this election. You are a Running mate. Your eyes are trained on 2022 duel. Two points for you to ponder deeply: –

One, 2017 General Elections is not about you. It is about Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy. It is about the interests of those that have propped up his regime since 2013. It is about his elite club, mostly from Mt. Kenya region. Once his second and final term is sealed through the coming selection, your agreement with him for a 10-year marriage will start on a downward creep. Remember that his promise to support you in 2022 is just but a promise, not a commitment worthy to write home about.

After this election Uhuru Kenyatta will not enjoy any hold on the Mt. Kenya voters. He will be retiring and this message will be made very clear to him if he attempted to cajole your candidature down their throats.

You will start realizing that your MoU with him was truly between two people (Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto). Not a political marriage between Kikuyus and Kalenjin. So how you conduct yourself during these elections, as clearly demonstrated, will massively affect your 2022 bid. Kenyans are watching you.

Second, I am sure you are very intelligent. And you must have noticed a low-key press conference yesterday by “Independent leaders” from Mt Kenya. They included William Kabogo, Martha Karua, Samuel Ragwa, Kabando wa Kabanado, Kilemi Mwiria, Eng. Mositet of Kajiado among others. This is the group of Peter Kenneth Kang’ethe, Jamleck Kamau, Kembi Gitura and a host of many others that accuse you of rigging them out during Jubilee nominations. My brother, these are the “new leaders” of Mt. Kenya after Uhuru Kenyatta. And you know what they think of you.

Behind them is a well-oiled financial machine, part of which is currently funding Jubilee campaigns. If you burn your bridges with the rest of the country as you are currently busy doing, sorry. Abusing everyone and harassing your opponents, chest-thumping and riding roughshod on everyone, is truly your undoing. Did you learn anything Daniel arap Moi or Mwai Kibaki? Did you? It will be too late for you. Those that sing loud praises with voices loud that they will line behind you come 2022 will be the first to abandon you after this election.

My brother DP Ruto, stop. Reflect. Think. And change your ways. It is never too late. This week, the next 5 days, will mark your beginning for 2022 journey or the end of it. Those are my thoughts……………

The author was a Nyamira county Governor Candidate.

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