Court hands man 30 years for raping woman aged 94

A man has been sentenced to 30 years in jail after he was found guilty of raping a 94-year-old woman.

Paul Mbiu Gacheru, 29, was charged with raping his great-grandmother on Rigogo Farm in Solai on November 21, 2015.


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In a judgment delivered in a Nakuru court yesterday, Senior Principal Magistrate Judicaster Nthuku said evidence produced in court proved beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Gacheru committed the offence.

Six witnesses testified in court during the proceedings.

Ms Nthuku ruled that the accused did not show any sympathy for his victim despite her advanced age.

According to witnesses, Gacheru entered the old woman’s house, where she lived alone, by drilling a hole through the mud walls at around 11pm, and harassed her before raping her.

Her screams attracted neighbours who rushed to the house.

One of the witnesses told the court that they had to force their way into the house after they found the door locked from inside. They said the accused emerged from the house holding his trousers, which were unfastened. Inside the house, they found the old woman lying on the floor.

The accused is alleged to have raped the granny repeatedly before neighbours came to her rescue. He is said to have threatened to harm her if she raised the alarm.

The grandmother was unable to testify in the matter. A psychiatric report presented in court indicated that she suffered age-related dementia and memory loss.


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A medical report showed that she suffered bruises on her private parts, an indication that she had been raped.

But the accused denied the charges, telling the court that he was framed by jealous neighbours who saw him help the old woman.

“I did not rape the woman. My neighbours, out of jealousy, framed me because I used to help her with daily chores because she lived alone,” said Gacheru.

Rejected defence

The court rejected his defence, terming it a sham and unconvincing.

“The accused person’s defence is a sham; it was poorly thought out and I therefore reject it. The accused person herein was properly identified as the one who raped the old woman, I therefore find that the charges of rape have been proved beyond reasonable doubt,” stated Nthuku.

The magistrate expressed dismay at the offence committed by the accused before sentencing him.


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“I totally do not understand how a young man like him will choose to attack a 94-year-old woman, weak and defenceless. He should have allowed this woman to live her sunset years in peace,” said the magistrate.

The court also ruled that the accused was a threat to society.

“I feel that if he can rape a 94-year-old, he is a danger to the entire society, I sentence him to serve 30 years in prison,” ruled the magistrate.

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